Jason Thorne FMX


Thorne FMX is a team of Freestyle Motocross rider’s lead by Metal Mulisha© rider “Airborne” Jason Thorne.

Jason Thorne “JKT” has the ability to sculpt your needs, and customize your requests by bringing the worlds most paramount and recognized riders of Freestyle Motocross to your event. These riders are known for their steady reign at X Games, their innovation, and absolute ability to defy gravity. Thorne FMX will leave audiences in total amazement. You wont believe what these guys do!

Proposed Show Arrangement that will compose a Freestyle Motocross Show:

Description & Options:


Track List:

Riders Available:

  • 1 Hand Heart Attack
  • Cordova
  • 9 O’Clock Heart Attack
  • Double Grab Heart Attack
  • Holy Man
  • Dead Body
  • Double Grab Indian
  • 1 Hand Sideways Seat Grab
  • Look Back Heart Attack
  • 1 Hand Super Can
  • Indian Air
  • Rodeo
  • Kiss of Death
  • No Hand Land
  • 1 Hand Indian Air
  • Seat Grab Indian Air
  • 1 Hand Seat Grab
  • Helicopter
  • Scorpion
  • Heel Clicker
  • Shaolin
  • Double Grab Look Back
  • Nac Nac
  • Disco Can
  • McMetz
  • Catnac
  • Ox Executioner
  • Lazy Boy
  • Back Flip
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